Mark Manson – Overcome Anxiety

Mark Manson – Overcome Anxiety
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Are You Being Held Captive By Your Anxiety And Insecurities? Learn The Techniques To Say ‘Screw The Fear’ And Then Do It Anyway
Stop Letting Your Fears Sabotage The Most Important Moments Of Your Life – Start Taking Control Now

I sat there, staring at the empty computer screen, cursor blinking. It had been three days. Not a single email had been written. Not a single web page had been posted.

It was 2008 and my new consulting business was in shambles. I needed a new client. Like, now. Rent was due in two weeks. I barely had enough money for food.

I should have been working like a madman.

But instead, I sat there, sitting, staring at the cursor, blinking on, blinking off.

Should I email some prospects and try to get them on the phone for a sales call? Should I try to network and get myself invited to an event? Should I touch base with my past clients and see if they needed anything else?

The stress mounted. My vision blurred. I opened up the ‘Applications’ menu on my cheap, old used computer and pulled up another video game – my regular choice of escape – and began playing.

And every second I played that game, I hated the fact that I was playing it. I hated myself for playing it. For avoiding what was necessary. For avoiding the person I wanted to be but felt incapable of being.

Yet I kept playing and playing.
How To Stop Running Away From Your Insecurities and Finally Face Them

For years, my life was driven by fear. All of my actions were based on avoidance, procrastination, and insecurity.

Later on, when I finally did get that consulting business up and running, I noticed the same patterns among my clients. Tons of people:

Were terrified to get out of the house more and put themselves in social situations to make new friends.
Wanted to advance their career or start a business but were afraid to take the first necessary risks.
Were anxious around people they were attracted to, unable to speak or show interest.

After working for years with thousands of clients, I discovered a funny trick that, once a person did it, their fears and anxieties would suddenly seem manageable and even easy to overcome.

The trick is simple. Anyone can do it. And it only takes a few moments.

In fact, it was so simple and so obvious that people would often look at me and say, “Wow, that was it? That’s all it takes?”

And that’s the funny thing: just because anxiety feels hard, we convince ourselves that overcoming it must be hard and complicated.

But the key to overcoming your anxiety is actually rather simple. And once you know how, the difficulty becomes much more manageable.

That’s why I’ve put together an online interactive course to help people like you conquer their anxiety once and for all.

It’s a simple step-by-step course that guides you through a series of simple exercises you can do to attack whatever issue is holding you back at the moment.

Each exercise is based on decades of psychological research and is backed up with years of coaching experience.

The course is also interactive, so if you get stuck or feel that your anxiety is particularly unique or you have a special circumstance, you can seek advice from me or other users who have been through similar situations.
When You Sign Up For The ‘Overcome Anxiety Course’ You Will Also Learn:

The root cause of our fears and anxieties and why it’s so hard for us to act despite them. (Hint: it has something to do with biology and reptiles.)
The most common “solution” for anxiety that DOESN’T work and why. (Hint: You’ve probably tried it before. and failed.)
4 lies we tell ourselves whenever we’re afraid to do something – how to spot them and get rid of them.
The ONLY foolproof method to get you over your fears, backed by decades of psychological research (You’d likely pay a therapist thousands of dollars for this alone.)
The simple psychological trick to act despite your fear so you can tackle whatever is holding you back.
What the subtle difference between confidence and insecurity is and how to achieve it.
How myself and hundreds of other users also used these tools to conquer our fears and how you can learn from our experiences.
And much more.

The Overcome Anxiety Course is a series of videos lessons. Each video presents a concept or idea, and then at the end of the video, you are given an exercise to carry out.

These exercises are often interactive, requiring you to go out into the world and try something, or to communicate with other members of the course and analyze each other’s thought patterns and behaviors.

Once you complete an exercise, you write up what you learned and submit it, then you move on to the next lesson. By the end of the course, once you’ve completed all of the lessons, you should have made significant progress battling against whatever anxiety is holding you back.

The course can also be repeated. So going through it once may get you 50% of the way there. But going through it twice will get you 90% of the way there.

You can also go back and reuse it on different anxieties. Because if you’re like me, you’ve got more insecurities than you know what to do with!
“The biggest benefit was the rapid elimination of fear and anxiety, by way of the simple exercises. The tasks not only helped me internalize the principles, they also enabled me to reduce fear.”
– Matt, Oregon
“It is a really awesome course mate. I love that it is authentic and simple. Very powerful stuff. Thanks.”
– Jason, Queensland
Included: Dozens of Hours of Bonus Seminars and Interviews

This is where I put on my Billy Mays mask and say, “But wait, there’s more!”

Because there is more, bitch!

Every course member also gets private access to my own little Ft. Knox of recorded seminars, interviews, podcasts, and old articles and audio. It’s all available to download, more than 40 files in all, and it’s all free with your course membership.

I’m also regularly updating the stash with new interviews and Q&A videos that I record exclusively for course members.

Don’t ever say I didn’t love you.
“Excellent idea, and effective. The progressive desensitization approach is very intelligent, and one I wish to use in all areas of life. Thanks!”
– Dan, Vermont
A Community Full of Feedback And Support

As a course member, you get access to a private forum where you can discuss life problems, major life decisions, nerdy self-improvement topics, and solicit people for advice.

The forum is stocked with hundreds of users going through similar struggles as your own, as well as a small group of qualified experts there to give people personalized advice.
“I have been becoming much more open and vulnerable lately due to the fact that I just feel way more relaxed when I talk to people and get the ball rolling. It’s made all the difference. I used to be very neurotic and guarded around people. Now I feel ‘normal’ for the first time ever.”

Masterclass – Aaron Sorkin Teaches Screenwriting


Masterclass – Aaron Sorkin Teaches Screenwriting
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Aaron Sorkin grew up in Scarsdale, a suburb of New York City where he was very involved in his high school drama and theater club. After graduating from Syracuse University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theater, Sorkin intended to pursue a career in acting. It took him only a short time to realize that his true love, and his true talent, lay in writing.
Meet Aaron. He’s an Oscar winner, a TV hitmaker, and the writer of the some of the smartest dramas ever to hit the screen. And now, he’s your instructor.

Every great story is born from intentions and obstacles. Learn how to build the “drive shaft” that will set your script in motion.

How do you know if your idea is good enough to turn into a script? Aaron walks you through the steps every writer should take to test an idea-and decide whether it will work best in TV or film.

Aaron shares some of the decisions he made to develop some of his most unforgettable characters-like The Social Network’s Mark Zuckerberg and The West Wing’s Toby and Leo.

Your characters don’t have to be like you-or even likeable. Drawing on examples from A Few Good Men and Steve Jobs, Aaron explains why he always empathizes with his characters even if he disagrees with them.

Good research is the key to a great script. Bad research is a waste of time. How can you tell the difference? Aaron shares lessons from Malice and The Social Network to help you gather the information you really need.

You have pages of research-now what? Avoid clunky exposition and learn how to seamlessly weave research into your story.

Aaron knows that the audience isn’t just watching his work. They’re participating in it, too. Learn how to write stories that will keep them engaged and entertained.

The rules of great drama aren’t new. Here, Aaron explains how most of them were laid out more than 2,000 years ago by Aristotle in his Poetics, and how to use those lessons to become a diagnostician for your own story ideas.

Page numbers don’t sound exciting, but they’re a great tool for tracking the act-structure and pacing of your story.

Even Aaron gets writer’s block. Learn how gets unstuck and what writing tools he uses to make sure he’s ready when inspiration strikes.

While workshopping J.J.’s script, Aaron shares his tips on writing action scenes that move
as fast on the page as they will on the screen.

The offbeat characters in Jeanie’s script are a hit with Aaron, who warns about the dangers of getting feedback from close-minded studio execs. (Warning: explicit content).

Discussing Roland’s script, Aaron reveals a simple trick that writers can use to justify improbable events in their stories.

Evelyn’s TV pilot kicks off a conversation about opening scenes and the importance of showing your audience something they’ve never seen before.

After workshopping Corey’s script and learning about his background, Aaron discusses the importance of having confidence as a writer, and shares his own origin story, starting with his days as a struggling New York actor.

A great story is more than just a collection of great scenes. Learn how to give your script momentum from one beat to the next.

Your script only has one opening scene. Make it memorable by introducing your theme, grabbing the audience, and setting up your characters’ intentions and obstacles.

In a study of a scene from Steve Jobs, Aaron explains how high stakes, strong intentions & obstacles, and competing tactics make for an exciting scene to write.

Aaron analyzes a classic scene from The West Wing: the scathing confrontation between President Bartlet (Martin Sheen) and Governor Robert Ritchie (James Brolin).

If you want to write Aaron Sorkin-worthy dialogue, learn from the master himself on how to make music with your words and put them to the test by performing your own scenes out loud.

Aaron does a deep dive into the musical nuances of dialogue in the Bartlet-Ritchie scene.

Rewrites aren’t a sign of a bad script; they’re a sign of a good writer. Hear how Aaron reworks and strengthens his screenplays during the rewriting process.

Rewrites aren’t a sign of a bad script; they’re a sign of a good writer. Hear how Aaron reworks and strengthens his screenplays with help from trusted advisors.

Aaron creates a virtual writers’ room to “break” part of the Season 5 premiere-an episode he’s never seen.

Aaron discusses what is needed in the teaser of the show and how to reverse engineer a plot.

Aaron and the students continue to work together to break episode 501 of The West Wing.

How can research drive the plot forward? Aaron and the students discuss the limitations of the 25th Amendment as a plot point.

Take Aaron’s advice: When you have great characters, use them. Learn how to keep your protagonists active.

Who’s got a bad idea? Aaron and the students run through various plot ideas as the writers’ room continues.

As Aaron says, “You don’t have to assault the audience with plot.” The writers discuss the value of pacing-plus the limits of reality within fiction.

Aaron and the students wrap up the virtual writers’ room and discuss lessons learned.

You’ve got a screenplay-now it’s time to pitch. Learn what questions Hollywood’s decision makers will ask you during a pitch and how to effectively answer them.

Aaron turns the tables on his writers and pitches them his idea for a brand-new TV series called Mission to Mars.

In the final lesson, Aaron offers his parting wisdom and leaves you with one more assignment that will last the rest of your life.

Travis Petelle – E-Com Start to Finish Project


Travis Petelle – E-Com Start to Finish Project
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Discover My Step By Step Walk Through For Developing A Real Authority E-Commerce Brand.

What’s up, Travis Petelle here. If you’re looking for a step by step walk through for developing a real authority e-commerce brand, you’ve come to the right place.

In this 4 part Start to Finish Project, I will take you by the hand and show you every piece of the system that you need to fully understand to have a true long term authority e-commerce business on your hands.

As more and more competitors join the marketplace, it’s extremely important that you learn how to take your business to the next level and stand out from the rest. That’s exactly what I’m going to help you accomplish in this training program.

I’ve been lucky enough to generate multiple millions of dollars through my e-commerce businesses as well as help multiple students and readers reach this same levle of success. It all comes down to a laid out and optimized system which you can repeat to see the same success I’ve accomplished.

Here’s what I’ll be covering in this start to finish project.

Session 1 – Creating the Ultimate Authority Shopify Store

During session 1, I will show you everything you need to know for creating an e-commerce store which people can’t help but want to purchase from. You’ll see.

– How to find the best products to offer your ideal audience.
– How to create the best store layout that maximizes conversions.
– Which Shopify apps are a must have to make your life easier on a daily basis.
– What roadblocks you can bypass to speed up your success.

Session 2 – The Marketing Plan for Massive Sales

In session 2, you’ll get an expansive look at my overall marketing plan for any brand I launch. This isn’t just focused on a single traffic source, but rather takes into consideration ALL quality traffic sources that can produce sales. Inside, you’ll learn.

– How to generate massive amounts of quality buyers using Facebook advertising without losing the bank.
– How to leverage the quality authority brand you’ve created to get free traffic from Influencers across the web.
– What you need to do to generate quality buyers from traffic sources like Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites.
– How to expand your brand to a mega level by utilizing Google advertising.

Session 3 – Building A True Brand

This is where the real magic starts. Inside session 3, you’ll discover the systems for becoming a truly unique auhtority brand. I’ll show you how to take the success you’ve had from Session 1 & 2 to leverage that into.

– How to be one of a kind with private labeled products.
– How to create authority branded packaging so customers know they can’t get your goods anywhere else.
– What you need to do to iron out any kinks in your fulfillment & customer support so that your sales never stop.

Session 4 – Going For Gold

In session 4, you’ll see how to create a brand that lasts for the long term. Too many e-commerce businesses focuses on just the front end sale, when our focus is on creating a house hold brand for life. In this sesion, you’ll discover.

– How to build a monthly box offer that turns a one time customer into a buyer for months to come.
– What email structures and backend newsletters are the key to cranking up the life time value for every customer you generate.
– How to leverage your new found long term success to ramp up advertising and forecast for big big things to come.

If you want to build a truly successful long term e-commerce brand in a pool of one hit wonders, this is the program for you.

The Truth About Cancer Ultimate Live Symposium (2016)

The Truth About Cancer Ultimate Live Symposium (2016)
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What’s the best investment you can make in your life?

Have you ever really considered it?

Sure, there’s the stock market, bonds, real estate, mutual funds.

But those things are all secondary to the #1 investment you can make in your own life that will pay you the greatest dividends over time…

Your health.

Especially as you start to age and can see serious health challenges on the horizon, or at your doorstep.

Heart disease, arthritis, diabetes and even cancer become more likely every year you get older.

Investing in your health is the one most important and surefire way to keep your future bright.

So we’ve decided to help you fulfill that investment in yourself, your health and your future…

With The Most Exclusive Event In The History Of Natural Health…

It all takes place October 14th, 15th and 16th, and it’s not hype to tell you this may be three of the most important and impactful days of your entire life.

The entire team here at The Truth About Cancer has been hard at work putting together nothing less than the pinnacle of all natural health events.

Nothing like it has been done before (and probably won’t ever again!)


Because we’ve managed to convince not one, not five, not even ten. but over FORTY of the most influential, brilliant minds in natural health to come join us LIVE and in person for an amazing event called:

The Truth About Cancer Ultimate LIVE Symposium

And I want you to be there.

I want you to rub elbows with the foremost experts in their respective fields on the entire planet.

We could easily have filled an arena for this amazing event, but we’ve decided to take a distinctly different approach.

We’re strictly limiting the number of participants to just 1500.

You read that right. just 1500 lucky people will be in the audience for this live event.

Over 40 incredible presenters and just 1500 people.

That’s about 1 amazing natural health luminary to every 40 people.

So. who’s going to be on the stage?

Brilliant minds like.

Dr. Joseph Mercola… Mike Adams… Dr. Stanislaw R. Burzynski… Dr. Joshua Axe… Sayer Ji… Dr. Andrew Wakefield… KC & Monica Craichy… Dr. Jonathan Wright…

Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy… Ocean Robbins… Dr. Ben Johnson… Jordan Rubin… Dr. Patrick Quillin… G. Edward Griffin… Dr. Darrell Wolfe… Jeffrey Smith… Dr. Robert Scott Bell…

And that’s not the half of it.

This event will give you unprecedented access to these superstars in a setting that gives you up close and personal interaction unlike any other event.

We’ve captured these amazing minds and we’re physically bringing them right to you along with us, your co-hosts for this amazing event, Ty and Charlene Bollinger, the co-founders of TTAC!

Pinterest Automatic Pin 4.3.1

Pinterest Automatic Pin 4.3.1 Download|
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"Pinterest Automatic Pin WordPress Plugin!

Pinterest Drives More Traffic Than Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn Combined and this is why we coded this plugin that will pin images from your post automatically to

Just install and forget your pinterest account as pinterest automatic pin wordpress plugin will do pinning work for you...!"

Peter Parks Aggressive Affiliates


Peter Parks Aggressive Affiliates
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Price: $99
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The reason why I got interested in Aggressive Affiliates is because one marketer behind it – Peter Parks. He’s one of the so called underground marketers who does actual work instead of just selling rehashed stuff. I’ve been watching him on the forums and from the stuff he posted, I knew he knows what he’s talking about. Aggressive Affiliates with Eric Rockefeller is his first high end product that comes to the spotlight.

Aggressive Affiliates is basically a course about CPA and Google Content Network with some extras. That means it teaches you how to promote CPA offers, and how to get dirt cheap traffic from Google Content Network to your offers.Aggressive Affiliates Video

Google Content Network is a very under-rated beast. I know that from the first hand experience. However, not only it can be just as well converting as the search traffic, it is much cheaper (think 1-5 cents per click) – there are thousands upon thousands of websites in the network, the competition is not a major factor anymore.

But eventhough it sounds simple, it’s not. This is the reason why most marketers dismiss it – it’s not the same as search network and requires completely different approach. Aggressive Affiliates teaches that approach.

It’s good that a product focuses on one thing, it really is. It’s easier to learn and get great results by focusing on one thing rather than running amuck from one thing to another. It can decide if you have success or not.

On the other hand, I’m not too sure a course can be complete by focusing only on one thing. That’s what concerns me about Aggressive Affiliates – call me a perfectionist. It’s something to think about nonetheless.

If it wasn’t for Peter Parks, I’d probably wouldn’t have paid any attention to this course. But I’ve been watching him and I know he knows the stuff, so this product will not be just another rehash.

LGT Trading – Wyckoff Starter Series

LGT Trading – Wyckoff Starter Series
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Price: $249
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Wyckoff Starter Series

For anyone who wants to learn the basics of Wyckoff principles, this series is for you. It’s also a great refresher course! This series of six webinars is hosted by Gary Fullett. Each recording is approximately one hour long, and covers the following topics:

Wyckoff Schematic
Trading Ranges
Springs and Upthrusts

Paid Memberships Pro

Paid Memberships Pro Download
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Value: $197
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"Paid Memberships Pro - The Most Complete Membership Solution for Your WordPress Site!

Unlimited levels, recurring payments, registration & profile fields, protected member content, robust member management and more...!"

Gerald Kein – Seven Powerful Keys to Direct Suggestion Success


Gerald Kein – Seven Powerful Keys to Direct Suggestion Success
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Seven Powerful Keys To Direct Suggestion Success

In this very powerful training, you will learn the techniques necessary in order to make direct suggestions powerful, transformational and permanent in the very first session! You will learn the art of using disguised hypnosis in the initial pre-talk, the powerful use of both trance and waking compounding along with an extremely effective direct drive technique which enables instant embedding and activation of your suggestions.

A great direct suggestion hypnosis session does not consist of doing one or two large things right but by doing many little things correctly.

This Program Will Teach You

How to do a powerful Pre-talk.
How to use the direct drive effect for maximum suggestion implanting.
How to read and compound patter scripts.
The importance of an emotive summation.
How to compound primary suggestions during emerging
How to use post-hypnotic powerful waking suggestions for maximum effect.

Plus Much More!

If you want to learn how to become one of the very best in using direct suggestion hypnotism in your practice,
this program will show you step by step exactly how to make this your reality!

WP Crawler 1.1.3

WP Crawler 1.1.3 Download
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Value: $22
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"WP Crawler - Grab Any Website Content To WordPress!

WP Crawler is a WordPress plugin which helps you to create WordPress content effortlessly. This plugin lets you grab content from any website, then insert them into WordPress.

WP Crawler ideal for:
- Auto grab content to earn money from Affiliate Program
- Create a collection of designs, resources, freebies from Dribble, Behance, etc…
- Create a curated list of Free WordPress Themes
- Create a curated list of products from Amazon, Alibaba
- Create a free photo listing site from Flickr, Unsplash, etc…
- Create an Appstore by collecting app from Appstore, Google Play, etc…
- Create a list of social posts from a campaign based on hashtag
- Create demo content for your Themes or Plugins...!"