Michelle MacPhearson/Crowd Mountain Update


Michelle MacPhearson/Crowd Mountain Update
Sale Page: http://www.warriorforum.com/internet-marketing-product-reviews-ratings/315811-michelle-macphearson-crowd-mountain-update.html

Price: $99
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There’s basically 4 Components making up the Crowd Mountain System, namely:

1. Crowd Mountain Bootcamp (total of 6 modules that’s delivered each week). Inside you will be learning how to build up your virtual real estate empire from the beginning to the end like how Michelle MacPhearson has did up for her own. And each module you will be learning stuff like:

Market Research and Keyword Research
Build, tweak and customize a website so that it becomes a search engine magnet targeted precisely for the keyword you determined was the most profitable
Produce (not writing) Content with two custom-tweaked and private plugins that Michelle MacPhearson has created to help you find and publish content.
Monetize your site with adsense, CPA networks, affiliate promotions, paid reviews and anything that you can think of that helps with monetizing!
Find those top ranked sites that Google loves and build your link-love around them. It’s time to get your site noticed in the Search Engine!
Leverage on Social Networks to build traffic and credibility.

2. Crowd Mountain Current. Advanced marketing techniques, cutting edge tactics and up-to-the-minute test results for you to implement on your own sites and all these are built upon your Bootcamp Modules. Tools like datafeeds to help you build niche stores on the fly or even Content Creation at just $0.25 per article.

3. Crowd Mountain Snooper. Do note that this is never been released to the public. The Snooper is made to look inside Google’s algorithm and literally see what link building and social media sites Google likes the most. These are the sites to focus on – if they’re already in favor, to piggyback your own sites on them for quick ranking.

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4. Crowd Mountain Task Manager. As the name says it all, this is the place in your member’s area where you get to keep track all your progresses and developments. Imagine logging into Crowd Mountain with 30 minutes time on your hands. You click the “Task Manager” button and immediately, you see what you’ve done and what still needs doing. You select a quick job from the list and finish it with 10 minutes to spare. Job well done

Copyhackers – The Conversion Copywriting Workshop

Copyhackers – The Conversion Copywriting Workshop
Sale Page: http://training.copyhackers.com/p/the-conversion-copywriting-workshop

Price: $497
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The Conversion Copywriting Workshop
As presented and recorded at ConversionXL Live.
With a strong emphasis on finding and organizing your messages before you begin writing, this conversion copywriting workshop will help you not only write better copy but think like a copywriter in everything you do. Discover the words to use to speak directly to a single reader. See how to make sense of those words and messages. And get the tips and techniques you need to turn good messages into great copy.

Plus, because this is a recording of a live workshop, you’ll see how others struggle with copy. And you’ll watch as the original conversion copywriter Joanna Wiebe coaches copywriters through their challenges.

Your Instructor
Joanna Wiebe

The original conversion copywriter, Joanna has optimized web and email copy for the likes of Wistia, Buffer, Crazy Egg, Neil Patel, Shopify, Indochino, Invision, Tesco and countless others. She’s been invited to teach conversion copywriting on the stages of Mozcon, Heroconf, SearchLove, CXL Live, CTA Conf, SydStart, Problogger, DCI Summit, Authority, Microconf, Wooconf, Business of Software and dozens more.

The CEO of Freelancer.com and Warrior Forum, Matt Barrie read Joanna’s ebooks on a flight back to Australia, promptly told his team to read them, promptly invited Joanna to be interviewed for his massive audience, and promptly proclaimed – without a word of prompting – “These ebooks changed my life.”

And when Brian Clark – one of the best known copywriters on the planet – wanted to hire someone to optimize his copy for Rainmaker, Digital Commerce Institute and Authority, guess who he hired. Yup: Joanna. She is the cofounder of Copy Hackers.

The Curriculum
The Workshop:

Start by identifying the “stage of awareness” of your prospect
With the stage of awareness in mind, apply the Rule of One
Part 1: Find your message
Part 2: Find your messages
Part 3: Find your messages
Part 4: Find your messages
How to phrase your messages
Optimize the elements
Finish by editing in the awesome

Kick Ass Copywriting Crash Course


Kick Ass Copywriting Crash Course
Sale Page: http://www.thecopywritingcrashcourse.com/?hop=promotraf

Price: $47
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The Kick-Ass Copywriting Crash Course consists of 8 videos, averaging of 45 mins each. Who The Hell Is John Carlton?

John Carlton slyly refers to himself as “the most ripped-off writer on the Web”, and no one on the inside of the online business world disagrees. Other marketers also call John “the most respected writing teacher alive”. and the list of well-known marketers who freely reference John as their primary mentor for writing sales messages is just staggering.

Tom Hunt – Virtual Assistant Mastery


Tom Hunt – Virtual Assistant Mastery
Sale Page: http://virtualassistantmastery.com/go/

Price: $299
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Module #1 – Introduction To Online Business Outsourcing & Virtual Assistants

The Inner Game Of Outsourcing: What I learnt from 5 years of building relationships with VA’s
Understand the global market forces that now allow us to build strong virtual teams
Why most entrepreneurs are not actually entrepreneurs
The Importance Of Systems: A McDonald’s Case Study

Module #2 – Understanding Exactly What To Outsource

What you NEVER let a new virtual assistant do in your business (before you have done this yourself)
You have to train your VA for 2 weeks before they start properly right? WRONG! Learn how you can get them started with adding value to your business on day 1
The ROI Generator – Step by step process to give VA task in spare time to guarantee ROI on salary
Not sure if you’ll have enough work for your VA? No worries: 101 “Outsourceable” Tasks: Never Have An Idle Assistant Again
The Task Delegator: Know EXACTLY Which Tasks You Should/Shouldn’t Be Doing

Module #3 – Hiring the Perfect Virtual Assistant

Are you tired of hiring VA’s only to realise two weeks later that they aren’t generating you an ROI? Learn the simple 5 step recruitment process we used to hire 83 awesome VA’s for over 30 businesses in 3 months
“The Truth Serum” question sequence taken from Fortune 500 company interviews that automatically distinguishes between A and B VA’s
How to identify the CV of an A VA from a B VA in 30 seconds flat (even if you have no recruitment experience)
Reference Checking Template – Copy and paste this email to the references of a VA to automatically extract the information you need to make your hiring decision

Module #4 – Ultimate Onboarding

The McDonald’s Method – How to indoctrinated and on board your VA in 2 hours flat (without you being present)
What NEVER to say to your VA in their first 2 weeks of work (Trust me, I’ve messed up here many times!)
The truth about VA productivity: how to set your VA up for success
Job Offer Letter Template – How to make your new VA feel special and part of something much greater than themselves
New Joiner Process Template – Layout of one of the most important processes in your business for you to swipe and deploy

Module #5 – Managing For Ultimate Productivity
How to develop your VA Manager into a VA Leader
The RIGHT and the WRONG way to give bonuses (And why cash is the last bonus type you should consider)
Understand the culture of Filipino VA featuring my VA manager: Zandro WARNING: Ignore the Filipino “13th Month” rule at your peril – Understand exactly what this rule means for your business and your team.
An exhaustive list of all Filipino Bank Holidays – Know when your team can and shouldn’t be working
Opening & Closing Shift Procedures – Keep your team on track each and everyday
Module #6 – Scaling Your Virtual Empire
How to know exactly when you need to expand your team (And what type of VA you need to hire)
How to create a magnetic “in person” team spirit; virtually
Why & how to set communication procedures (So you don’t get interrupted 24/7)
The most important virtual working tools that you cannot live without (If you want to build an efficient team)
Plus, how to train your VA manager for recruitment excellence to maintain (If not increase!) your VA quality
Organization Chart Template – Copy, paste and update with your team so everyone knows EXACTLY where they stand

Module #7 – Va Process Precision

Understand the importance of repeatable, documented processes in your business
Learn how to build the ultimate Working Procedure (and why this will mean that you don’t actually have to train anyone. ever. again)
Understand how to store and track all of your Working Procedures to enable streamlined processes
Working Procedure Template – Starting point for the documentation of all of your core processes
The Full Working Procedure for #1 New & Noteworthy Podcast, Twitter Growth, Customer Support, Link Building, Podcast Interview Getting, Blog Commenting
Working Procedure Tracking Master – A must have for any business system developing and streamlining multiple processes

Bonus Modules

Breakdown of my full personal productivity rituals that enables me to run 4 different online businesses, travel the world and maintain a thriving social and family life
The 5 simple productivity rules my virtual team live by (That mean I have to spend just 10 minutes per day per business reviewing progress and dealing with issues)
Weekly Team Meeting Agenda Template
Goal Pyramid/Business Progress Tracker
Virtual Assistant Contract Template – IMPORTANT
Employee Satisfaction Survey

Jeff Walker – Product Launch Formula 5.0

Jeff Walker – Product Launch Formula 5.0
Sale Page: http://www.productlaunchformula.com/plf32-orderzxy.php

Price: $1997
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Product Launch Formula 5.0 is an effective step-by-step training program that will teach you how to launch your product or service successfully. It will describe in perfect detail what you need to do to generate leads and convert these leads into actual sales. The formula includes a video training where you can learn the sequence and methods you need to follow. You also get an access to Q&A sessions with Jeff Walker himself. You also receive boatloads of information including easy-to-follow case studies and transcripts. Basically, it is an online course which includes modules delivered via a sleek interface. The training is delivered mainly through videos. This is to be followed up by calls for further coaching and concluded with questions that you need to answer to determine your marketing story.

user posted image

The cost of Product Launch Formula 5 may seem reasonable for a home study course, but it might be steep for a lot of people. Should you invest in this program? The answer to this question would depend on the value of the product to your business. It will also depend on your business’ ability to generate profit. If you feel that the program would help boost your business, then you should consider investing in it. Certainly, PLF is comprehensive enough to offer valuable marketing ideas for any type of product or service launch.

Product Launch Fomrula 5.0 is about to launch and it is one of the most profitable courses that has ever been created! Jeff Walker and his students have generated over 500 million dollars online with his super powerful “Product Launch Formula.”

For a limited time, you can get your hands on Jeff Walkers PLF 5.0, access to his private mastermind group, personal coaching, and so much more.. Here’s what PLF 5.0 is all about!

user posted image

What Is Product Launch Formula?

Jeff Walker is one of the top internet marketing gurus on the planet, and for good reason. He created the product launch that has helped thousands of marketers generate nearly a BILLION dollars online.

You read that correctly. Jeff Walker created the Product Launch Formula and it has completely transformed the way money is made online!

If you want to generate thousands of dollars online, build a following of people that truly love and respect you, and create revolutionary products then Product Launch Formula 5.0 may be the way to get started.

user posted image

What Will You Learn In Product Launch Formula 5.0?

You’re going to learn the exact methods that Jeff and his students have used to generate nearly a billion dollars in online sales including product creation, launching a product, tapping into your market, and of course, generating hundreds of thousands (or millions) of dollars from a single product launch in a 7-21 day period.

Masterclass: James Patterson Teaches Writing(2016)


Masterclass: James Patterson Teaches Writing(2016)
Sale Page: https://www.masterclass.com/classes/james-patterson-teaches-writing

Price: $90
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Your instructor, James Patterson-currently the best-selling author in the world-lets you know what he has planned for your class and what you’ll need to learn to start writing your own best-sellers.

Getting into the proper mindset is an essential first step to writing a best-seller. This lesson explores James’s secrets for staying focused, productive, and motivated.

How do you recognize a great idea? How do you figure out if it’s worthy of your effort? James spells out the techniques he uses to generate his ideas and then separate the good ones from the less compelling ones.

With the right plot, your reader won’t be able to stop turning the pages. In this lesson, James measures out his unique approach to developing plot lines that keep readers wanting more.

For James, conducting in-depth research not only makes his writing better, it also boosts his credibility with his readers. Find out when and how James conducts his research and how he incorporates it into his writing in a thoughtful way.

James’s secret weapon is a comprehensive outline. Learn how he sets himself up for a fast and successful first draft. No matter what, don’t skip this lesson!

James has never shown the outline for his best-seller Honeymoon to anyone (not even his publisher) until now. Follow along with the outline provided in your Class Workbook as James further explains his process.

Even when you’ve written as many books as James has (76 best sellers and counting), there’s still nothing scarier than staring at the blank page. Here’s how to conquer those fears.

From Alex Cross to Michael Bennett, James has mastered the art of creating complex and memorable characters. Hero to villain, learn how to make your character stay with your reader well beyond the last page.

First Lines
Grab your readers attention quickly, and make them hold on for dear life. James shares his tips for getting your reader hooked from the very first line.

Writing Dialogue
Dialogue should always push the story forward. Listen to James explain a few common dialogue pitfalls and easy ways to avoid them.

Building A Chapter
James is well known for his numerous short and snappy chapters. Learn how he propels the reader through the book with an outline as his roadmap.

Writing Suspense
The secret to suspense is…

Ending The Book
We’ve all read great books with terrible endings. Of the infinite possible endings, learn how James chooses the right one.

James is liberal with a red pen; his editing is key to keeping the reader engaged. Learn how to trim the fat with our interactive editing assignment.

Working With A Co-Author
When does James decide to use a co-author and is it a true collaboration? In this lesson, we meet two of his most trusted co-authors who share their process for making a collaboration truly successful.

Getting Published
Author of 76 best-sellers and holder of the Guinness World Record for the first person to sell over 1 million eBooks, James knows a thing or two about getting published. In this lesson he shares what he’s learned.

Book Titles And Covers
Readers do judge books by their covers. What should they think about yours?

Marketing The Patterson Way
Before publishing his first book, James was an executive at a top ad agency in New York. Find out what James learned from his time in advertising, and how he used it to change the book marketing game.

What happens when Hollywood takes an interest in your story? Sit back and listen as James shares the best and worst moments from his time on the set.

Every master begins as a student. James shares his long, winding path to becoming the world’s best-selling author.

You’ve been given the tools to help write your next book. Now what?

Anthony Robbins & Cloe Madanes – Core 100 Training(2016)


Anthony Robbins & Cloe Madanes – Core 100 Training(2016)
Sale Page: http://rmtcenter.com/certification-programs/core-100/

Price: $119
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Now You Can Become A Successful Coach So You Can Empower Your Clients To Find Love, Success, and Meaning in their Lives
On our Strategic Intervention Core 100 Training Program, you will receive a coaching education that is not available anywhere else in the world. You will learn how to work with any client and help them achieve greater happiness, success, and better relationships.We suggest you start your training with Core 100.

RMT Core 100 Training contains four Mastery Units which focus on Strategic Intervention Megastrategies, Navigating Life Stages, Personal Transformation, and Key Decisions. You will learn through watching, doing, discussing, listening, journaling and reading about Strategic Intervention Coaching. We like to empower our students by using every learning modality. You will get a Certificate of Completion from Robbins-Madanes Center for 100 hours of training as a Strategic Intervention Coach.

This is the Official Coach Training of Tony Robbins

Get trained in the cutting-edge system that has certified thousands of successful coaches. Let us walk you through the program so you can appreciate the incredible value provided.

Here’s what you get:

Tony Robbins Video Training Modules

These training modules present the very best of Tony Robbins’ strategies and interventions. You can take this training at your own pace and on your schedule from anyplace in the world – while being part of an amazing participatory community. Just login and continue from where you left off. Need to put the kids to sleep first, no problem. Need to do the trainings evenings and weekends, you create your own schedule.

Video Training with Intervention films

Robbins’ work is analyzed and explained on a minute-to-minute basis by Cloe Madanes and Mark Peysha, so that you understand exactly how and why the transformation succeeded. These videos are truly unique in the world of coaching, therapy, and communication, as instead of merely teaching principles, they show real people in real-life interventions making dramatic changes in real time, while explaining how every communication and decision worked to bring about that change.
We’ve seen time and time again as participants watch and study these films, they begin to experience personal transformations unfolding within themselves as well. Many of these interventions have never been seen before outside of Anthony Robbins’ seminar walls and will never become available outside of this coach training.

Tony Robbins Video Training Modules

These training modules present the very best of Tony Robbins’ strategies and interventions. You can take this training at your own pace and on your schedule from anyplace in the world – while being part of an amazing participatory community. Just login and continue from where you left off. Need to put the kids to sleep first, no problem. Need to do the trainings evenings and weekends, you create your own schedule.

Live Power Sessions

How do you master a new skill in the most effective, fastest way? Learn directly from master teachers and founders of Robbins-Madanes Training. Cloe Madanes, Mark Peysha and Magali Peysha will be available to you by phone every week for 6 months to share new strategies, support you in your practice, and answer your questions. Where else do you get weekly direct access to the school founders?

This means you’ll never be left wondering how to apply these teachings. You have 6 months of weekly training sessions where you interact with us – LIVE.

Share with us your coaching challenges. Share with us your success stories. This is the real value of CORE 100.

Live Practice Sessions

With 6 months of live sessions, every week you can get on the phone to learn a new coaching strategy and practice it with another student right away. Every time you come, you get real-life expertise with a new coaching strategy.

This is a major difference between our training and others. We don’t spend a lot of time on theory, we focus on getting you trained to produce results.

Coach Marketing Training

Get trained in starting your own coaching business: how to understand your strengths and priorities, how to set up your practice, how to gain clients, and you’ll get step-by-step templates for your first client sessions and teachings. If you need it to get started coaching – it’s in the training.

We are totally focused on your success so we walk you through the steps of a real coaching practice. How do you do client intake? What questions should you ask? If something pops up that seems important, do you deal with it right away or file it away for the future? What’s the professional way to handle getting paid? Do I need to set up a business? We can help you with all of this.

Amazing Worldwide Learning Community

People learn best when they are well-connected with people they care about. Our students come from every continent and imaginable profession. You will learn, collaborate, work together, and make lifelong friends.

How To Help Your Clients Achieve Breakthroughs

If you’re the kind of person who is going to work with clients, you need to study with people who specialize in client change.

And that’s why we want to talk to you about The Robbins-Madanes Core 100 program.

We are dedicated to training you to get the best results for our clients. Results don’t grow out of a vacuum. We want you to understand our roots.

The Secret To Lasting Transformation

By analyzing and breaking down the techniques of both Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes, we have helped people become more successful coaches, run successful businesses, and help spread change around the world.

Our training is focused on you and your needs. We help you grow personally so you can effectively help others.

We share with you proven strategies that help people transform their lives and uplift their souls.

We want to assist you in helping people make deep level changes so their lives are profoundly affected.

Sean Terry – Flip 2 Freedom Academy 2.0

Sean Terry – Flip 2 Freedom Academy 2.0
Sale Page: http://flip2freedomacademy.net/ken/

Price: $997
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So here’s what you’ll get when you claim your membership
to The Flip2Freedom Academy!

module 1

Wholesaling Explained in Detail: Learn what wholesaling is all about and find out how you can make big bucks flipping houses and quit your job in 19 weeks or less.
The Big Picture: Get a visual map of how you can turn your wholesaling business into a revenue generating machine.
The Top 10 Reasons Why New Real Estate Investors Fail and How to Avoid Them.
How to Gain a Competitive Edge: So you can leave the competition in the dust and own your local market.

module 2

Sourcing Properties: Finding Deep Discount Properties that will make you the most money.
Direct Mail Explained: Get the best converting postcards and yellow letters that will have sellers blowing up your phone.
List Selection Process: Learn how to pull the most profitable lists and get the most deals from your direct mail campaign.
GoBig Printing: The Recommended Mail House: Instant access to all of Sean’s highest converting direct mail pieces.
Phone Management: Set up a system to keep your calls organized and respond to your leads in record time.
Get a Fast Start on Your Marketing using Sean’s highly effective Marketing Maximizer spreadsheet.
The Four Phases of Business and How to Maximize Each Phase for the Highest Profitability.

module 3

Google Adwords Explained: Instant access to Sean’s highest performing keywords. He has spent over $300,000 perfecting his campaigns to get the best conversions!!
Setting Up Your Google Adwords Account: Learn how to set up your Google Adwords account so you can start generating quality leads on auto-pilot.
One Year of Pre-written Email Automated Follow-up Sequence that will cause your phone to ring almost daily.

module 4

Bandit Sign Billions: Learn how to get hot leads quickly (spending very little money) by using bandit signs that will surely catch the eye.
Placing Bandit Signs Around the Property: Location, location, location! Find out what high traffic areas to place your bandits sign that will gain lots of attention.

module 5

Attitude, The Script and What Important Info to Gather: Learn free ways to to find motivated sellers and get leads on auto-pilot.
Building Rapport: Learn the most effective techniques to build rapport with a seller in order to gain a competitive advantage.
Set the Appointment or Make an Offer: Use the Objection Annihilation to overcome seller objections and close the deal.
How to Read People Like a Book: Discover the 4 Personality Types of sellers and learn how to best interact with them to close the deal.
Custom Covert Presentation: It methodically and psychologically walks sellers step-by-step through a well crafted presentation that triggers motivated sellers to just say. “YES, I will sign with you.”

module 6

Comparable Sales Formula: Find the right number to offer on the property and price it so it will sell in record time.
The Wholesale Offer “Double Check”: This this method so you can avoid making a big mistake.
The Repair Formula: Use this simple formula to calculate repairs on a property.

module 7
module 8
module 9
module 10-20




Fearless Boss Trey WSO Collection(2016)

Fearless Boss Trey WSO Collection(2016)
Sale Page: http://fearlessboss.com/

Price: $279
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Lost To Boss V2.0 – How To Make $3,000 Per Month Passive Income With Free Traffic And List Building
Boss Email Secrets – How To Make $100 A Day With Email Marketing
Simple Tube Profits – How To Make $300 In A Day With 5-Minute YouTube Videos
Eazy Newbie Success System – The Easiest And Fastest Way To Start Your Online Business From Scratch
Info Cash Machine – How To Create Your Own Info-Product Fast And Start Making Sales Daily
YouTube Boss – How To Get Over 500,000 Views On YouTube And Turn Those Views Into $1000s
Simple Paid Traffic System – How To Get Unlimited Amounts Of Targeted Traffic To Your Sites And Offers
Shiny Object Success System – How To Stay Focused And Get The Most Out Of Training Products That You Purchase

Ryan Stewman – Break Free Academy(2016)

Ryan Stewman – Break Free Academy(2016)
Sale Page: https://bfadigital.com/sales

Price: $1997
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Here’s just a small taste of what it teaches inside:

An “almost magic” phrase you can say the first time you talk to a lead that will get them wanting to work with you (and ONLY you) right out the gate! (Best part: works like crazy even for brand new agents who have trouble closing deals.)

How to get your sleazy competitors (without them even knowing it) to help you get more leads for YOUR business! (Simply follow my instructions and they become like your unpaid interns generously making you deals day and night.)

The “Shawshank Redemption” secret for turning friends, strangers, and even competitors into dozens of hot, ready to buy/sell leads that are 100% eager to work ONLY with you. (This is something prison convicts do to stay alive and out of trouble – yet, not 1 in 100 so-called experts even knows about it. But you will if you get my system while it’s still available to the public.)

A little-known way to follow up with hundreds of leads per day even if you stay in bed or are out playing golf with your friends. (Just set aside 2 minutes in the morning and in the evening to do this and you’re done. If you want to scale your business and blow right past the $20k-$30k ceiling while having MORE free time, this is how you do it.)

A quickie “crash course” for making the Internet your own, personal 24/7 lead-generation machine working tirelessly on your behalf. (And don’t worry, if you can check email, you have all the tech skills you need to do this.)

How to make yourself the go-to agent in your market – even to leads who don’t like you! (It’s the easiest way to turn hostile leads into eager buyers I’ve ever seen.)

The single biggest mistake 99% of real estate professionals make each day that kills deals on the spot. (Nearly everyone I talk to – even “successful” people – does this, and it’s killing their sales. Chances are you are making this mistake, too, and are basically robbing yourself of money. Details inside.)

A ridiculously simple “fool proof” way to track prospects who aren’t ready to buy now. (And, how to arrange it so that when they are ready to buy, you’ll be the ONLY person they want to call!)

How even a shy, introverted shut-in who’s scared to talk to people can dominate networking events. (Just do this and you’ll be the only person people you talk to remember. And, when they’re ready to buy, you’ll also be the only person they will have any desire to call.)

A scientifically proven way (discovered by psychologists years ago) to “hack” into your prospect’s brain so they trust you and feel like you’re their best friend. (And, because of that, won’t even think about doing business with anyone else but you.)

How to “jimmy” your cell phone so it does the work of 7 hardcore sales people making you deals all at the same time! (Doing this to your phone is the next best thing to cloning yourself and being in multiple places at once – almost guaranteeing you never lose a sales opportunity again.)

How to turn Facebook into your unpaid star sales assistant. (Follow these simple instructions and you’ll never have to pay through the nose for advertising again – plus, in many cases, the leads you get will be exclusive JUST to you!)
A free way to get up to 10x’s more leads finding your website via search engines. (These free leads seek you out and ask you if they can buy from you – basically turning you into a glorified and high paid order taker.)

How to generate hundreds of buyer/seller leads per year using social media sites – even if you have no friends on them now. (And, how to do it without breaking any of their rules or looking like a desperate spammer. In fact, do what I show you correctly and people might even THANK you for selling to them!)

How even people without a high school education and who have never touched a computer before can generate hundreds of leads per day online. (And, how you can start generating these leads in less time than it takes to watch your favorite TV show!)

How to use an ordinary cell phone camera to build a massive following of people eager to talk to you about buying a home! (Funny thing about this is, it’s so obvious and easy, practically nobody in our industry does it.)

How to “side step” the mistakes most agents make when landing clients and taking them through the sales process. (HINT: When you do it my way, the sale is closed at the beginning of the process, not the end, which makes it hard to fail even if you say something stupid or bungle an objection.)

Why so many paid ads generate nothing but horrible leads who have no intention of ever buying. (And, how to tweak your paid ads so you get nothing but hot, eager buyer/seller leads ready to get started the first time you talk to them.)

The “folk lore” secret of using ugly ad photos to get people practically standing in line to tour properties for sale. (This secret is admittedly a bit weird, but it’s still one of the most reliable ways to help sell homes ever invented.)

What to say on your ad listings to make leads feel completely comfortable contacting you and buying from you. (People only buy from sellers they know, like, and trust – say this in your listings, and you’ll almost be like an old family friend they can’t wait to do business with before they even contact you!)

How to contact people in a way where you never look like you’re needy or being a nag. (Nothing will kill a sale like neediness and nagging. If you ONLY did this simple thing I explain inside, you will automatically be more successful, even if you do everything else wrong!)

The “one click trick” method for making whatever property you’re selling automatically more valuable in your prospect’s mind. (I do this on my website listings all the time – and it makes nearly any property seem more valuable, regardless of its condition.)
How to avoid phone tag and long, tedious email threads with people you want to make appointments with. (Do this and your appointment setting becomes 100% automatic, and makes it almost impossible for you or your prospect to ever miss an appointment.)

How to quickly and cheaply “position” yourself as the best-in-the-industry – so buyers and sellers flock to you first and can’t even imagine doing business with anyone else! (If you have good positioning in your area, you can make big money even if you’re not the most well-known, most trusted, or best selling agent in town. In fact, this is one of the main reasons Break Free Academy has such an off-the-charts success rate.)

A clever way to look, sound, and appear highly confident even if you don’t have all the answers. and even if you don’t know what you’re doing yet! (If you’re brand new to the business, this one tip alone can shave years off your journey to becoming a top salesman.)

How to get other businesses to (1) reduce your ad spend (2) increase market awareness about you and your business and (3) make you a lot more sales with a lot less effort.

A sneaky (but completely legal and ethical) way to use LinkedIn to generate hundreds of leads per year for free. (And, in just minutes per day!)

Break Free Academy shows you the quickest and safest way ever discovered for building a big team while doing the least amount of work possible. If you’re just starting out, it can help you “glide” right into your first 6-figure year. If you’re already doing $20k or $30k per month and sick of working 70+ hour weeks to maintain your income, it can help you scale to 7-figures while working just a few hours per week.