Launch a Woocommerce Store Start to Finish

Launch a Woocommerce Store Start to Finish
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Price: $20
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This is a step-by-step video training course on how to setup WooCommerce for your business. This training includes 4 hours of videos with detailed instructions. All the skills being utilized in this course is the same skills i’ve used to create websites for my clients. This course includes bonus trainings on importing tax rate tables, setting up a WooCommerce table rate plugin for shipping, integrating shipping easy, moving your site to a live server and customizing a theme.

You’ll also learn:

How to Install WordPress and WooCommerce on a local development machine and on a live hosting server
How to Install both a free and premium theme and import the demo content
How to Install free and premium plugins
How to add and manage your products
How to create pages
How to add and configure widgets on your website
How to configure add-on plugins such as shipping, tax rate table and more
How to configure the default tax, shipping, email and payment gateway for your store
How to setup products and categories with various options
How to add additional product options to products in WooCommerce with a premium WooThemes Plugin
How to move your site from a localhost to a live server
How to create API keys for your widgets

What are the requirements?

Some knowledge of WordPress is helpful but not required
You’ll need a desktop or laptop computer (Mac or Windows)
You’ll need a high speed internet connection
You’ll need hosting if you’ll be following along with the training on a live host
If you’ll need to install the AMPPS LAMP stack if you’ll be following along on your computer

What am I going to get from this course?

Students will know how to Install WordPress
Students will know how to Install Woocommerce
Students will know how to Install WooCoommerce Add-ons
Students will know how to Setup Shipping and Payment Gateways
Students will know how to Setup Sales Tax Rate Table
Students will know how to Add and Manage Products
Students will know how to Manage Orders
Students will know how to Install The Website on a Live Hosting Server
Students will know how to Integrate WooCommerce with other Third Party Shipping
Install a Theme

What is the target audience?

Beginner to Intermediate
Anyone can take this training whether you’re new to WooCommerce or you’ve just need a refresher course.
Anyone that wants to learn how to quickly setup an online store on the WooCommerce platform
Not suited for coders and programmers that expecting to code a theme or plugin
Not suited for people that want to create their own theme
Not suited for people that don’t want to use WordPress. This is not a stand alone ecommerce platform

Blackhat USA 2016 Training Video

Blackhat USA 2016 Training Video
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Price: $1795
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Black Hat USA 2016 is set to bring together the best minds in security to define tomorrow’s information security landscape in Las Vegas. This year’s briefings offer the essential knowledge and skills to defend your enterprise against today’s threats.

Cameron Crawford – Dark Side Hypnosis

Cameron Crawford – Dark Side Hypnosis
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Price: $57
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You’re about to get your hands on the EXCLUSIVE training audios that explain Dark Side Hypnosis and Mind Control in BRUTAL detail.
I recorded these audios after my two years of training with the MASTER of persuasion… “The Professor”.
I’ve become publicly known in the Inner Circle as being the Professor’s only protégé, and people are calling me “The most dangerous mind control expert in the world.”
It’s truly insane… and as well as that, this is the first time in history anything like this has ever been available.
And for good reason, Dark Side Hypnosis has been proven to be the most effective and the most powerful collection of hypnosis and mind control techniques to be invented.
You’re Getting Your Hands On Over 8 Hours Of Insanely Powerful Techniques

Dark side Hypnosis REVEALED (27 minutes). If you want to know exactly how these advanced tactics are work and exactly what Dark Side Hypnosis is then this is the section for you.
The Godfather Method (46 minutes). In this audio we go into intense detail about the EXTREMELY RARE and COVETED Godfather Method that let’s you become someone of value who people naturally want to be controlled by.
The Authority Hijack (50 minutes). Ever wonder how to enter any social situation or any group of people and instantly command attention, and all without setting off alarm bells? In this section I go over Covert tactics that will let you fly in under the radar and control any social dynamic!
The Powerful EMPIRE MAN Technique (55 minutes). In this section I reveal to you the secret “EMPIRE MAN” technique to give you more ROCK SOLID, unshakeable core confidence then you ever thought possible. Your life will be literally transformed by this one powerful, belief altering technique alone.
The Dangerously Effective Dark Shadow Technique (37 minutes). For the first time I’m going to reveal this advanced tactic that will give you a window into anyone’s soul so you can reflect it back to them and demonstrate a powerful understanding of their reality and pull them into your world which will let you persuade anyone to do almost anything!
The Hidden Persuaders (1 hour, 19 minutes). This section teaches you the skills for covert, conversational hypnosis so that you can bend someone’s mind around to your way of thinking by just having normal conversation.
The Forbidden OCTOBER MAN Sequence (40 minutes). Saying these magic words will instantly get anyone so attracted to you they’ll want to tear your clothes off and take you home right away. This one amazing technique will let you create a powerful “love at first sight” connection with anyone you meet instantly.
The Lie Detector (1 hour, 10 minutes). This section reveals the secrets to detecting deceit so you will never be lied to again so that you can protect yourself from anyone trying to manipulate you.

Optimal Living 101 – Brian Johnson

Optimal Living 101 – Brian Johnson
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Price: $100
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Brian Johnson is the Philosopher & CEO of en*theos–a company that creates cool stuff to help people optimize their lives. He’s the co-founder (with his wife, Alexandra) of the en*theos Academy, PhilosophersNotes and Blissitations and is the author of A Philosopher’s Notes. He’s also featured in the documentary Finding Joe and has a monthly “Big Ideas” column in Experience Life magazine.

SEO 2016: E-Commerce SEO for WordPress and Shopify Website

SEO 2016: E-Commerce SEO for WordPress and Shopify Website
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Price: $195
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This SEO for ECommerce course will serve you as a comprehensive guide, if you’re starting a new E-Commerce website or optimizing your established online store for more sales. If you’re not getting any traffic from Google then it means you’re leaving sales on the table.

You will learn how to optimize your ecommerce website using various seo strategies such as

Keyword Research
Competitor Analysis
Page Speed
Conversion / Sales optimization and much more
The websites that are ranking in top 3 Google search results gets 48.4% CTR cumulatively. Also only 3% of search users go beyond page 1 on Google search. So it’s inevitable for an ECommerce website to do seo and rank within top 3 search results on page 1.

Usually, new ECommerce sites think that if they just list 100s of products on their online store, then Google woul bring in the traffic gradually. But in reality that’s not the case. Even if you wait for 10 years, you won’t achieve the results / sales that this course can give in just 3 months after optimization.

But you need understand one thing, doing seo for ecommerce websites is not same as doing for a blog or a portfolio website. Several product pages are created every day and they are not updated for years. Also, the content given by product manufacturers are usually thin and bad for seo.

That’s why we designed this course for owners of E-Commerce stores,

Who are struggling to get sales
Who want to rank high on Google, for the products they sell
Or for those who don’t even know what keyword they need to target to get traffic from Google.
By the end of this course, you’ll be able to increase your sales by up to 500% and also you will outrank your competitors on Google search as well as in terms of trust and credibility.

Ben Cummings – Amazon Fast-Track Monthly Coaching Club

Ben Cummings – Amazon Fast-Track Monthly Coaching Club
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Price: $295/month
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“I just hit $114,000 Per Month in my Amazon business … I rank on Page One for every product I release … and I did all this working ‘Part Time’. Question: Would you like to know my exact Ninja Marketing Methods, so that you can duplicate these results for your own Amazon business?

If you want to be coached on my exact methods for “crushing it” on Amazon, then keep reading to learn about my new Amazon Fast Track Monthly Coaching Club – Limited Opportunity:
* Only available for Jason Fladliens ASM masters who have already bought asm and not refunded – this is not a replacement for the awesome ASM course!!
* This is endorsed by Rapid Crush because I was an ASM Masters coach to several hundred asm’ers and once I was done with the free coaching, we kept getting direct requests for more coaching help with amazon. Since I don’t have time to work one on one anymore, I organized this group coaching. These are just my own tactics and strategies that have worked really well for us. With that let me explain what this is about …

Dear Friend,

My first month on Amazon, I was able to figure out a unique way to rank my brand new amazon product .
It took me only four weeks (with only 1 “live” product) to hit $14,981.10 per month and we sold 478 units. Take a look at a screenshot from this my first month:

This never would have happened, if had done ASM the ‘traditional way’ that everyone else does.
Fast forward to today.
We just hit $114,532.60 per month and sold 3,788 units this month! Here’s a current screenshot:
Not bad for doing my amazon business “part time” and for a business that we really only started on January! Crazy, right?
If things go as planned – we have hit all my sales targets to date – I’ll hit $3000,000/month by this time next year, at about 42% net profit.
Not bad money, eh?

Once I get a new product on amazon and launched properly, I can pretty much forget about it. I have never before experienced such leverage before.
Invest a little time upfront. Get paid into perpetuity.
Would you like to earn this kind of money from your private label business?
I can tell you, that it’s absolutely possible.
I know, because I am living proof.

I’ve been on “amazon” a relatively short time. Already I hit $114,000/month of which I get a big chunk of that I get to keep as pure profit.
But the reason for my success on Amazon, is because I am doing things much differently than what is taught in ASM, much of which is utterly counter-intuitituve…
… and most importantly…
I’ve developed a stable of unique ‘marketing and ranking methods’ that no one else is using, that work exceptionally well, and that I’ve proven to work within my own amazon businesses.

There are only 3 things that I must focus on in my Amazon business:

1) Ranking my products to page one, as fast as possible.
If you’re on page 3, you might as well be on page 300! Just like ranking a website in Google, if you’re not on page one, you irrelevant. Amazon works the same way.

2) Getting as many five-star reviews in shortest time possible for my new product.
When people use Amazon and click on your listing, if the headline and images look appealing, what does everyone do?
They scroll right down to read your reviews!
If you only have a couple reviews, you won’t win their impulse purchase … and … you also won’t “stick” in the rankings.

3) Finding hot products to sell
I have a simple goal:
To make $10,000/mo per product.
That is a conservative goal, because my experience is that you can make more than this – but that’s my initial target.
To hit $100,000/month sales, I need to release 10 good products.
I like to keep business “simple.” And to make $100k month, is as simple as that.
I actually exceeded this target recently, having hit $115k in sales with less than 10 products.
“I Think I’ve Cracked the Code on How to Rank Any Product to Page One on Amazon”

But there’s something else I need to show you …
Something that will really open your eyes.
Every single product that I have personally launched on, I have been able to pro-actively get it ranking on page 1 on amazon, usually within less than 12 days.
Yes – in every single instance.
Yes – even in two ultra-competitive niches
Yes – across multiple product categories.
“Here are a few recent examples …”
(1) In 24 hours, I was able to get a brand new product of ours ranked #1 in ALL of Amazon beauty!
Check out this screenshot that I took when this happened recently…
Allow this to sink in! For all of, the world’s largest e-commerce site, it took me only 1 day to make this new product rank #1 in ALL of amazon top 100 “best sellers” in “Beauty.”

Not a sub category.
Not for some obscure easy-to-rank for product.

To the best of my knowledge, this has never been done before at least by anyone I know. Especially using proactive marketing methods such that I used.
In fact, in that one day we sold $16,546.40 in sales and sold 592 units. Yes – this is a ONE DAY screenshot!

Sales Dashboard

This was in one of the MOST competitive product categories on all of amazon. Yet I got it ranked #1 in Beauty in 24 hours, and by the way as a result this product has been selling very well every day since.
In fact, when new inventory arrives, I plan to remarket this product targeting two additional keywords, and I believe this one product can do about $50k-$60k month in sales, all by itself. We shall see!
(2) I recently launched 3 new amazon products. Within 7 days, all 3 of them had “#1 best seller” badges … and… we had cracked the top 100 in Beauty for all three products!
Take a look and keep in mind this happened within one week of promoting these new products!

My products also appeared in “Hot New Releases” and “Movers & Shakers”, resulting in even more sales velocity to help sell our products:
Amazon Best Sellers_ Best Beauty-finalThese are brand new products that I only just started to promote, using my unique marketing tactics.
Since this ranking movement is so new, the big increase in my monthly sales isn’t even reflected in earlier screenshots because we are still ranking for other keywords.
My point here is that within a matter of days, we took three brand new products (that weren’t even in the first 20 pages) … and got them all ranking within the top 100 of beauty and making big sales for us.

Here is Why All This is Relevant To You!
Without really knowing “squat” in the beginning … using a special “launch marketing strategy” that I created .and have perfected this year.. I built a seven-figure per year amazon business in less than twelve months.
You see, it really isn’t about the “product”. It is about:
The Marketing!
On amazon, he (or she) who can rank a product to page one, will make it big in this business. But if you don’t understand how to do this, you’re in trouble.
Amazon Best Sellers_ Best Beauty -final—Screenshot of Amazon “Top 100 Best Sellers”. My product is #1 as well as #1 Mover & Shaker. Pretty crazy, right?

“What the Heck Is Your Secret?”
As you can see, my successes on Amazon are no fluke.
I have provided you with numerous proof screeshots, income shots, and ranking proof, that are for my own products and all recent.
I hope that I’ve proven to you by now, that I know my shit. As my amazon business grows and hits high six figures per month, you will see me transition out of the “guru” business and return to my roots as a entrepreneur, spear-heading our phenomenal growth, and phasing out all private clients and “wage slave”, non-leverage projects.

The reason I bring this up, is that you will no longer have access to “Ben Cummings” as a coach, in the future. Frankly, why be bothered doing training and consulting, when I can make far more (for less time and effort) in my amazon business?
My goal has always been to build a Big Business that can be sold for several million dollars and “retire” to the island of Saint Barths, and I am laser focused on obtaining that goal in the next 36-48 months.
So if you want to “tap into Ben”, this is probably the last chance to do so, to access my Brain, and to learn from me about crushing it on amazon, to learn these Master Marketing Skills, so that you too can attain your own version of “retire to Saint Barths“.
Which leads me to the purpose of this “final” sales letter that I am writing to you…
Amazon Fast-Track Monthly Coaching Club – A Very Limited Opportunity.
I recently took on 10 private students for 1-on-1 coaching, but I closed the doors to that because I simply don’t have the time to do “private consults” anymore…
And unfortunately I plan to never again take on any more private 1-on-1 coaching clients moving forward.

But as soon as I stopped taking on new clients, we continued to get emails daily from people wanting to learn from me.
What to do???
I decided that instead of doing one on one coaching any more, that I would be willing to coach a small elite “mastermind group” comprising of serious high achievers and meet “virtually” via intensive training webinars.
Not only would it be fun.
Not only would it be great networking for both of us.

It would also allow me to take several of you “along for the ride” to the top of amazon, as we all prosper and grow together.
Now THAT was an exciting prospect to me, and the reason why I have decided to launch this very limited Amazon Monthly Coaching Club.
With that, let me tell you the details of what you’ll be getting…

First, to qualify for a spot, you MUST have purchased the ASM course and not refunded it, as I am not teaching anything from ASM in this program! This coaching program is not intended to be a replacement for the great content you’ve learned from the ASM course. This coaching does “take it to the next level” though!

Second, Jason Fladlien & Wilson Mattos are recommending and endorsed this coaching club to their ASM Masters … which is awesome! If you know anything about those two, they almost never lend their names behind projects unless they believe whole-heartedly in it! So I have been very flattered they have associated themselves to this project and are backing it. (Thanks guys!) This monthly coaching club is only offered to ASM Masters, so you have to be an ASM Masters customer to be eligible.

I am keeping the format of this simple and powerful. It will be about training you, teaching you my numerous marketing and promotional “launch” methods, and then you taking action. It will also be about getting a sh*t load of five star reviews and locking in your rankings, once you attain them. And finally, it will be about rapid expansion of your amazon business so you can hit the big numbers that lead to financial freedom and a big business. It is a “here is what Ben is doing right now, this month, to crush it on amazon, and you get to look over his shoulder each month with the idea that you duplicate his successes within your own amazon business” coaching club.

Summary – This will be an intimate monthly “amazon coaching class”, that will meet via webinar 2x’s per month, in which I will be teaching my tactics and methods, on an ongoing basis, to help your build your Amazon business to make it a fast success.

Amazon Fast-Track Monthly Coaching Club – The Details:

1) You will participate in two live webinars per month. The first webinar, is focused on “Amazon Growth & Marketing Training Webinar” that will last 60-90 minutes.
This is where I will be teaching you (on on ongoing monthly basis) EXACTLY what I am doing on amazon to grow, market and scale. You get an inside view of my amazon business and methods, with the idea that you take what you’ve learned to duplicate my results!

2) Then each month, we will do a second webinar, which will be a monthly “Amazon QUESTION & ANSWER Webinar”
On this Q & A amazon webinar, you will have the chance to ask me ANY questions you want, get nitty gritty help on issues that come up … help with marketing questions … and help with anything else you guys want or need.
In summary:

You will be part of two live webinars per month
Webinar one, teaching amazon tactics and tricks, that I will NEVER reveal outside this coaching club.
Webinar two, is an intensive monthly Q & A / Brainstorming webinar with our coaching club members
When appropriate, I’ll share documents, emails, ads, tricks, documents, contracts, etc.
You will get replays, so you can watch future and past replays whenever you want.

How Much?
The price is: $295/month, drop out any time.

This price is dirt cheap, as you could make this back your first successful week selling on amazon. In fact if you’re serious about growing your amazon business, this is a no-brainer, as where else can you learn from someone that is this successful launching every product to date on amazon, like we have been.

As soon as you register, I will be sending out an email with dates for our first coaching webinar – and trust me, I have several blockbuster things that I will be sharing on our first Webinar!
What This Is NOT

Just to be clear, this is NOT “one on one coaching” and I will not be responding to personal emails from the participants about their various amazon issues, as that is the purpose of the monthly Q & A webinars that we’ll be holding.

The reason I am being upfront about this, is because if you get a spot, I don’t want anyone to be offended if I never reply to your amazon related emails. Truthfully, I simply don’t have the time these days for such things, but I am willing to share my super profitable amazon methods to my private coaching club, and that’s truthfully all you should really care about because that’s where the Real Money is!

A Bit of a Warning
I plan to limit the number of participants, so as to keep these methods exclusive to my coaching students, as this is my very best stuff that’s allowing me to crush it on amazon! I’d have to be a stupid dolt to expose my methods with too many people.
Once I feel that we have enough people, I am taking down this page and I will probably never offer this again … and … based on the large demand for access to my strategies, I can assure you that this will be filled quickly.

I am doubling down on our amazon business and we expect to be well into the range of $3000,000/month by next year, and therefore I plan to phase out all coaching and consulting – so this will likely be your one and only chance to learn from me and my unique methods.
Hope you participate in our monthly amazon coaching club! It could literally change your financial destiny.
Click Here to Register for Amazon Fast-Track Monthly Coaching Club!

Ben Cummings

PS: A few weeks ago, I offered 1-on-1 coaching to 10 people and we filled those spots fast. I am never offering one on one coaching again because I am too busy and honestly making too much money from my amazon business to do that anymore. (If you got one of those spots, you are very lucky.)
This monthly coaching club is the next best thing…

Viral Buyers System By Rachel Rofe

Viral Buyers System By Rachel Rofe
Sale Page:

Price: $97
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Rob Kosberg – Best Seller Publishing System

Rob Kosberg – Best Seller Publishing System
Sale Page:

Price: $197
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The “Free+Shipping” Funnel This funnel can be customized with your own book, and includes an at-cost free (plus shipping) order form, an audiobook bump, and an upsell for other books or products. Just plug your book in, remove or add any features you don’t or do want, and start promoting.
The “Free Gift” Funnel
This template can be used as-is, just plugin your own free gift and link to it from your book to get your readers from Amazon onto your own list so that you can let them know about upcoming books and deals. This funnel includes an opt-in form and a delivery page.

The “Free Digital Copy” Funnel
This template can be used as-is, just plugin your own book files and put the link into the print version of your book to get your readers from Amazon onto your own list so that you can let them know about upcoming books and deals. This funnel includes an opt-in form and directions for how to take the digital versions and read them on their computer or ereader of choice.

Overview: The Print-on-Demand Revolution

The Print-On-Demand Revolution Guide
The Print-On-Demand Revolution MindMap
Video Player
1. What is Creatspace?
2. Why Publish to Createspace? Part 1
3. Why Publish to Createspace? Part 2
4. Formatting Your Book Manuscript
5. Outsourcing Your Book Cover Part 1
6. Outsourcing Your Book Cover Part 2
7. Introduction to the CreateSpace website
8. Guided Setup
9. Building Covers with the Cover Design Tool
10. Finalizing your Submission
11. Pricing Your Book

Case Study: How to Write a Bestseller Over the Weekend

How to Write a Bestseller Over the Weekend MindMap

1. Introduction and The Value of Original Content
2. The Value of Original Content
3. Basic Speed Writing: Idea Generation; Capture Ideas
4. Basic Speed Writing: Organization and Chunking
5. Basic Speed Writing: Speed Writing Process
6. Basic Speed Writing: Clean Up
7. The ‘Zero Writing’ Solution

Write a List Style Book in 48 Hours

The List Book System Mind Map

1. Module 1: What the heck is a ‘List Book’?
2. Module 2: Why lists ROCK (Part 1)
3. Module 3: Why lists ROCK (Part 2)
4. Module 4: List Book 1: Interview Books
5. Module 5: List Book 2: Picture Books
6. Module 6: List Book 3: Recipe Books
7. Module 7: List Book 4: ‘How-to’ Books
8. Module 8: List Book 5: Countdown Books
9. Module 9: List Book 6: Bullet-point Books
10. Module 10: List Book 7: Compilation Books
11. Module 11: Introduction: 48-Hour Book Strategies
12. Module 12: Fiction vs. Non-fiction List Books
13. Module 13: Researching your niche (free and paid tools)
14. Module 14: Ready? Time to CREATE your list!
15. Module 15: 4 ways to CAPTURE your list
16. Module 16: 7 tips to ORGANIZE your list
17. Module 17: How to ‘REVERSE ENGINEER’ your list book
18. Module 18: SECRET SAUCE: Your Author’s Advantage Software
19. Module 19: CONGRATULATIONS! – You’re book is complete!

Case Study: How to Format Your Book Manuscript

6×9 Book Template

1. Moving Your Manuscript to the 6 x 9 Book Template
2. Page Size and Margins
3. Title, Rights and Disclaimer Pages
4. Font Selection and Size
5. Creating Chapters and Headings
6. Adding Images to Your Manuscript
7. Customizing and Adding Value to Your Book
8. Monetizing Your Book with ‘Book Hooks’
9. Your About the Author Page
10. Generating a Table of Contents

Case Study: CreateSpace Walk-Thru Video Training

Submitting Your Book to CreateSpace

1. Creating Your Createspace Account
2. Submitting Your Book Title Information
3. Writing Your Book Description
4. Generating a Free ISBN Number
5. Uploading Your Manuscript to Createspace
6. Finding Free Images for Your Book Cover
7. Designing Your Book Cover Using the Cover Creator Tool
8. Completing Your Amazon Payment Information
9. Pricing Strategies for Your Paperback Book
10. Proofing Your Manuscript in Createspace

BONUS Book Cover Training

1. Converting a Print Cover to Kindle
2. Converting a Kindle Cover to Print

Book Promotion 101

Book Promotion 101 Guide

1. Introduction: Put In the Time
2. Overview of Book Promotion
3. Building Your Author Platform
4. Author Platform: Blogs
5. Author Platform: Social Media
6. Amazon Author Profile
7. Amazon Author Profile: Examples
8. Amazon Custom Profile Page
9. Amazon Custom Profile Page: Listmania Setup
10. Book Giveaways: GoodReads
11. Virtual Book Tour: Outsourcing

The Ultimate Business Card: Special Reports

Customizing Your Ultimate Business Card Book Title
How to Land 6-Figure Clients with Your UBC
How to Monetize Your Book With a Website

6 Steps to Selling Book Services

1. Step 1: Get Good at Publishing to Amazon
2. Step 2: Identify Your Services
3. Step 3: Determine Pricing and Payment
4. Step 4: Getting Started: Finding Your First Client
5. Step 5: Promoting Your Services Online and Off
6. Step 6: Systematize and Automate
Amazon Book Cover Secrets

Amazon Book Cover Secrets PDF Training
Video Player

1. How to create amazing book covers (even if you’re not a designer)
2. Researching your book cover: Start with what’s working
3. Kindle ebook cover case study: Don’t re-invent the wheel
4. How to get original artwork for your cover for peanuts
5. Where to find high-quality free images for your ebook cover
6. How to outsource image-based ebook covers
7. How to create a paperback book cover for free at CreateSpace
8. Going from a paperback book cover to a Kindle design
9. Going from a Kindle ebook cover to a paperback design
40+ Book Cover Templates


Sale Page:

Price: $997
Please login or register to see the download links.

We all have significant concerns about our retirement, our ability to afford sending our children to college and, in reality, our ability to be able to live.

Most people know that the best way to earn money reasonably quickly is by making good investments and particularly by investing in the real estate market, which allows for very rapid returns.

However, real estate investing often requires a significant amount of capital before you are able to purchase your first few properties. As a result, very few people are able to get involved in it.

I recently came across the Fast Track Profit System by Cody Sperber, which promised me that anyone can become a real estate investor, regardless of their income and prior knowledge.

Luis Congdon – 2 Minute Social Media Celebrity System

Luis Congdon – 2 Minute Social Media Celebrity System
Sale Page:

Price: $997
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Attention Coaches, Consultants, Freelancers & Entrepreneurs… Become the Most Respected, High Paid Authority in Your Niche In Just 2 Minutes a Day …Without Spending A Dime On Advertising

The 2-Minute Social Media Celebrity system is being used by leaders and authorities in all different markets, including:

Weight Loss

Biz Opp

& many more